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We love to champion independent creators, makers, retailers, unsigned music artists, self-published authors, charities, community groups/projects and not-for-profit companies from around the UK and Ireland.

We will be bringing you new interviews every week with people following their passion who we believe in.

Mondays - unsigned music artists for Independent Music Monday
Tuesdays - charities, community groups/projects and not-for-profit companies for Charity Tuesday
Wednesdays - self-published authors for Writer Wednesday

Starting in late 2018, we will also be bringing you interviews with new groups of makers and retailers, so watch this space!

The Merryn world started out as separate websites; Merryn Magazine, Merryn Books, Merryn Charity and Merryn Music, but on 25th November 2017, all of the websites came together and went live on this website. After listening to feedback, we decided to combine them all together so that everyone got more of a chance of being discovered. Now you can view the Merryn world all in one place! :)


As well as publishing interviews and features, we have also produced Merryn Magazine, which was a free quarterly digital magazine. Find out more here.

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Merryn was created in 2015 after realising that we wanted to support independent creators and retailers. We love being able to champion people who are out there, living their dreams. This then led onto us also championing unsigned music artists, self-published authors and charities, community groups/projects and not-for-profit companies.


The word Merryn is Cornish for "joyful", which we loved because everyone needs a little joy in their life!