Well time is marching by, and now it's only nine weeks tomorrow until Christmas! With that in mind, we bring you another fabulous gift idea called BUBABLOON.

Babies and children love playing with balloons, but the safety aspect of them bursting is always a worry. With BUBABLOON, they can play safely without the worry of getting injured. BUBABLOON is simple to use:
1. Insert balloon
2. Inflate, then twist or tie
3. Tuck inside and play!

BUBABLOON is a washable, portable and safe fabric balloon cover that has been specially designed to reduce the risk of choking or injury. It is perfect for outdoor or indoor play, bounces like a ball, is light as a balloon and can be thrown like a volleyball.

We love the idea of BUBABLOON, please can you tell us more about it and how it came about?
I was approached by a friend 2 years ago to help her develop an idea to commercialise a product she had received as a gift for her 8 month old daughter from Australia. I researched the concept, wrote the business plan and found an ethical manufacturer who could sample what is now the BUBABLOON. I then became an investor and have now taken over the majority interest in the business due to my partner having a second baby. I've subsequently rebranded and launched a variety of new products to the Buba family.

We saw you were recently on an episode of Dragon's Den, what was that like?
To be honest it wasn't as tense as it looks. I'd participated 10 years ago with another of my businesses. This time around I was so relaxed I surprised myself. The feedback was encouraging and even the shortened version of my pitch showed the product in a positive light. I wasn't there for the funding merely to give BUBABLOON some key exposure.

Do you have any plans for the future for BUBABLOON?
The BUBABLOON is now available in a selection of independent retailers across the south of England with more stores stocking every week. We are listed on two European airlines with several more interested.
I launched BUBASAUR in the summer to test the soft toy market. It was so successful it sold out within weeks. BUBABEARS are now in production as are the BUBABAG and our unique travel themed colouring in version of the BUBABLOON. Beyond this I'll be launching BrandBloon for the corporate gift market and BUBAGEMS for little girls who love pearl and silver jewellery.

You can find out more about BUBABLOON below on their website, their Facebook page, their Twitter account or on Instagram.