Dragon Adoptions


It's now only 4 weeks until Christmas, how did that happen?! We previously posted a Christmas gift idea Unicorn Adoptions, which is a super cute pack containing many unicorn-related goodies. Now, the lovely people at Unicorn Adoptions have brought out a brand new pack. We caught up with co-founder James Smith to find out more...

We already love the Unicorn Adoptions pack, please can you tell us how your new pack Dragon Adoptions came about?
Thank you! It has been lovely to see our wonderful customers send in their pictures of their Unicorn Adoptions pack. We love to see smiley, happy and of course fabulous people!
With Unicorn Adoptions we are on a mission for everyone to find their inner fabulousness and with Dragon Adoptions we wanted everyone's inner courage and strength to be recognised. We feel that everyone is a strong and courageous person, standing for fairness for all. We wanted another gift to help out our fantastic supported charities, plus who doesn't want to hug a dragon!
We aim to put positive energy out into the world. Just like with Unicorn Adoptions we donate a portion of the income from sales of our adoption packs to good causes that embody these values. The supported charities include Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Stonewall and Community Integrated Care.

What lovely goodies can people expect to receive in their Dragon Adoption pack?
There are lots of different ways you can adopt a Dragon but each adoption pack comes with: There are lots of different ways you can adopt a Dragon but each adoption pack comes with:

A blank Dragon adoption certificate - name your Dragon!
A confirmation letter
A Dragon badge
A Dragon key ring
A Dragon face mask (self assembly)
A Dragon bookmark
A Dragon colouring in sheet
A A4 Dragon poster
2 x Dragon postcards
3 x Dragon stickers

You can create a combo pack adding on any type of Dragon plush teddy! All the toys are soft and cuddly making them the perfect gift as we all love cuddles!


Besides Unicorn Adoptions already being available, do you have any plans to introduce any new packs? We want the whole world to know that you can adopt a Unicorn and a Dragon and help make a real difference in people's lives. Watch this space!

We think this is such a brilliant idea, and the fact that charities benefit means that your thoughtful gift idea will help so many other people too.

You can find out more about Dragon Adoptions at their website, on their Facebook page, on Instagram or on Twitter.

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