For fans of "Alice in Wonderland"

Alice in Wonderland2.png

We bet there are many phrases you use or hear that are from the wonderful book "Alice in Wonderland", such as 'Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast', 'Off with their heads!' or 'I give myself good advice, but I seldom follow it'. Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic turned 150 back in 2015, and it's a firm favourite with us. Below are 8 of our favourite Alice in Wonderland gift ideas from independent retailers:

Top row (left to right)
Alice in Wonderland Cushion Cover from Giraffe and Custard
Alice in Wonderland Keepsake Box from Ruby Alice and Me
Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Necklace from Rosita Lollipop

Middle row (left to right)
Alice In Wonderland Decoration from The Contemporary Home
Alice in Wonderland Print from Fable & Black

Bottom row (left to right)
Alice in Wonderland Pin on Patches from Giant Kitten
Alice In Wonderland Scarf from Rooby Lane
Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Sign from Diana Evans Artist