You can help to get the NHS to number one at Christmas this year


We at Merryn Magazine know just how important the NHS is to so many people in the UK. We have all needed it at some point, some of us are using it right now and I guarantee that we will all access it at some point in the future. The fact that the NHS is under threat from disappearing is scary, especially as it is clear that a lot of people will be unable to access services at all in the future, due to their financial situations.

Dr Harriet Nerva, Dr Katie Rogerson and Joe Blunden have organised a campaign to get the NHS to be our Christmas number one this year (sorry, Simon Cowell!) and we think it's a fantastic idea. As they say on their Facebook event page,

"The NHS faces a cruel winter ahead. Budget cuts, low staff morale, junior doctors balloting for industrial action, and hospitals up and down the country being classed as 'inadequate'. We are closer than ever to that cliff edge, but we WILL NOT let the NHS fall. This song is a celebration of the NHS."

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir have recorded "A Bridge Over You", which is both "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel and "Fix You" by Coldplay. You can watch it below:

You cannot download the song yet, it will be released closer to Christmas. 100% of the proceeds will go to healthcare charities (they will confirm exactly who these are shortly as no decision has been made yet), but whichever charities are chosen, they will be worthy causes.

If you would like to show your support for the campaign, you can by:

  • joining the Facebook event page by clicking on "Going" (you can then invite your friends along to the virtual event on Facebook)
  • following the NHS 4 Xmas No 1! account on Twitter
  • sharing, sharing, sharing! Harriet, Katie and Joe ask on the Facebook event page "Please share lots of our pictures, videos and posts with your friends and followers - the more people who know about the campaign, the more chance we have of success."

This is such a fantastic campaign and we at Merryn Magazine are proud to support the NHS.