A Spell for the Unwell


Up and down the country, there are thousands of people doing good deeds every day, and we decided to celebrate the great work that charities undergo with a regular feature on Tuesdays, to tie-in with #CharityTuesday on Twitter. This week, we caught up with Kelly from A Spell for the Unwell to find out more about them.

Where are you based and what geographical areas do you support people in?
We are based in Manchester however we offer support all over the UK!

How do you support people?
We offer both emotional and financial support. We talk to people, listen to them, offer advice when possible and generally just be a shoulder to cry on if they are in need. We have a number of people we speak to regularly who find comfort just in talking to us. We also link people together if they wish, who have had similar experiences to allow them to support each other. We also offer financial support, purchasing any items directly related to a person’s illness they may require. We have bought a large variety of items ranging from electric wheelchairs, to flights to Germany for cancer treatment!

How did the charity come to be founded?
I founded the charity after suffering from my own illness and realising that there is not a lot of emotional and financial support available for people in times of illness, which can lead people to struggle and feel very alone!

How many people do you have working at the charity?
It is a very small team at the moment who run the charity. 3 people mainly however we have a number of trustees and volunteers who are more than happy to help out when necessary!

How can people support you?
As we are a small self-run and self-funded charity we are only able to purchase items for those in need from own our fundraising, or from the donations and fundraising of others! The support and donations we receive are vital to allow us to continue helping!

Have you faced any challenges along the way?
Plenty! As we have to raise the majority of funds ourselves through fundraisers, planning them whilst also working a full-time job is hard work – however it is so rewarding and worth the effort when we are able to purchase something for someone in desperate need.

Do you have any charity events coming up and where can people find out about these events?
Yes! We have a charity night in November this year in Manchester. We also have a volunteer raising funds via a bungee jump for us in October and a Triathlon next year in May! All details can be found on our website or any of our social media pages!

Is there any advice you could give to other charities?
Keep at it! Even when it seems tough, keep going. Any difference you make, no matter how small, will be a positive difference and influence on the world!

You can find out more about A Spell for the Unwell at their website or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.