The Christmas Gift Guide is now live!

We are so excited to be writing this post. This year’s guide has been a mammoth 3 month project and we are so thrilled to bring you over 100 amazing independent creators, makers and retailers from around the UK and Ireland. We hope that we can help people to find the perfect gifts this year!

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2 days to go!

Wow, we can’t believe that there’s only two days until this year’s Christmas Gift Guide comes out! We started approaching people to be in the guide back in June, so it feels like we’ve been working on this for a long time! There are three times as many retailers in this guide than last year - 36 vs 106 - so we are so proud of all of the hard work that’s gone into it. Hopefully people like it!

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Internet access!

Now that we have moved into our new premises, and we finally have internet, we are back online and will be bringing you new interviews soon!

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Launch day!

We have been working on the new website for a while now, and the big day is finally here!

We had no idea back in 2016, when the first Merryn Magazine came out, just how big the Merryn world would end up becoming, and we have some big plans for 2018!

We just want to thank anyone who has ever shared a post, submitted an interview or helped to spread the word of Merryn. We will be forever grateful.

We hope you like the new Merryn website! x

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Our brand new website!

Today was the day we purchased our brand new domain -! We are so proud of our website, it's had a few incarnations along the way, but this version is definitely our favourite.

Even though we loved having the separate websites for Merryn Books, Merryn Charity and Merryn Music, it made more sense to keep all categories on the same website. We're very pleased with how it turned out! :)

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Merryn Magazine is on hiatus

Unfortunately due to ill health, I have taken the sad decision to stop producing the quarterly digital Merryn Magazine. I am hoping to resume production in the future but for now I will only be blogging on the website.

Independent Music Monday, Charity Tuesday and Writer Wednesday interviews will carry on as usual.

Issue 1 and issue 2 are still available to read!

Jenny x

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Happy New Year!

We just want to thank every single person who has supported Merryn Magazine this year. We can't thank you enough for everything.

We wish you all an amazing 2017 and we can't wait to bring you lots of fab posts in 2017, and maybe issue 3 of the magazine!

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Happy birthday Merryn Magazine!

Yay, it's now been a year since I started running Merryn Magazine! It's been a crazy year; we've brought out two magazines, posted many features and created Merryn Music, Merryn Charity and Merryn Books. We've achieved so much in the first year and I can't wait to see what we produce in the next year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way: here's to many more years! :) x

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An announcement

It is with sadness that I have to bring you this news. Because of a family situation, I am having to put the production of Merryn Magazine on hiatus. I am hoping to resume putting the magazine together at the start of 2017, but unfortunately that means that the October and January issues will not be released.

I will still continue to post blog posts on the website but the actual magazine is ceasing production from this point on.

Thank you for your support and patience during this time.

Kind regards,
Jenny :)

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Sorry for the delay in posts

I had to take a couple of weeks off being on the internet due to an unexpected family issue, but I am now back online and I will be posting all of the interviews that should have been posted recently :)

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Every Tuesday on Twitter, there's a hashtag: #CharityTuesday. We will be joining in with this hashtag from next Tuesday when we will be bringing you a charity of the week. If you know of any UK charities that we should feature, please email us:

We are now on Spotify!

One thing we love here at Merryn Magazine, it's music. We've been a bit of a late adopter to Spotify (apparently it launched in 2008 - oops!), but nevertheless, here we are! You can befriend us here :)

We have created many playlists: and these playlists contain both signed and unsigned UK artists. As much as we love to champion signed artists, we love music of all kinds, and want to celebrate all music, whether the artists are signed or not. We will be adding new music all time, so why not give us a follow! Also, if you know of any new music we don't have on our playlists already, let us know so that we can include them! :)

Less than 3 weeks until issue 1!

Wow, where has the time gone? One minute it's New Year's Eve, the next it's 12th March! Crazy. We have been working hard on issue 1, so what can you expect?

Features with all kinds of interesting people, including:
* a popular dating app
* an excellent alternative wedding gift
* pizzas, but not as you know them
* someone who knows all about window displays
* a very dapper way of dressing
* our 24 favourite wish list items
and much, much more!

As well as independent retailers, we are also featuring charities and community projects. We have also covered some big literary anniversaries, and we can't wait to share with you all news about retailers who are launching for the first time during April, May and June!

As with any magazine, we of course have adverts, but everyone who has an advert is an independent retailer, event or charity, so it's great to be featuring independent people from cover to cover!

Don't forget to subscribe here (scroll to the bottom of the page) if you want to receive the magazine on our launch day of Friday 1st April. We can't wait for you to see it!

Merryn HQ x

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Issue 1 - how's it coming?

On Friday (in 2 days), it will be 8 weeks until the first issue of Merryn Magazine comes out. Eek! Since the idea of the magazine was 'born' if you will, it's been a crazy ride and we are so excited to show you the fruits of our labour! The original plan was to have 100 pages of content, but as there are so many fabulous people we want to feature, it's going to be way longer than that, which is great news!

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About blog posts

As the first edition of Merryn Magazine isn't due out until 1st April 2016 (so far away yet so close!), we will be blogging in the meantime about things we find interesting or feel passionately about. Enjoy! :)

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