One thing that gets us very excited is being able to bring you brilliant gift ideas from independent makers, creators and businesses across the UK and Ireland!

Our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide launched on Monday 1st October, and we will be launching gift idea posts on Thursday 25th October.
We want to help you to find the best gifts out there while supporting UK/Ireland independents!

2017 was the first year that we’d produced the
Christmas Gift Guide, which proved to be a huge hit. Featuring amazing retailers such as
Lylia Rose, Joyful and Mellow, Giant Kitten,
Spice Kitchen and many, many more!

Back in 2016, we didn’t put a Gift Guide together but we did find lots of amazing online retailers offering fab gift ideas including Bluebird Tea Co, World of Zing, All Things Brighton Beautiful,
Choc on Choc and many, many more!