Sam Cole

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Every Monday we will be bringing you an unsigned singer or band as part of our Independent Music Monday feature. This week, we caught up with Sam Cole find out more about him…

Where are you from and how did you first get into music?
Originally from Birmingham UK, I started singing as a way to to deal the negative aspects of growing up in a underprivileged background.

Who were your musical influences when you were growing up and who are your influences now?
Growing up I loved listening to swing and that whole era of music, there's something timeless about that era of music. As I grew into a teenager other things come into your life and that's when I really started to relate to a lot of R&B songs from the likes of Usher, Prince etc.

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as contemporary urban pop. I grew up in an inner city I wasn't spoon fed anything and that's reflected in my music, I don't hold back. The things we all feel as people I talk about whether that be having your heart broken, having no money or having enjoyable sex. It's all part of life.

What is your latest single called and what was the influence behind it?
My latest single is called All Night, it was inspired by a few things firstly by the past and moving on. And secondly by my time in Atlanta, the US music scene is so different and I loved it so wanted to create something that felt like the city I was in so wrote All Night.

What’s your local music scene like?
My local music scene varies I spend my time between Birmingham, London and Atlanta. Each place feels so different. London is like the hub of the world culturally there's nothing like it you get music from all over the world it's incredible. And Atlanta brings swag to another level.


What do you have planned for the next 12 months? Any albums or festivals?
The next 12 months involve me creating more music with other artists. I want to collaborate with as many artists as possible it inspires me to become better. I plan to do even more events and festivals next year in the UK and in the US.

Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with?
I want to collaborate with as many artists as I can I couldn't choose just one.

Any funny stories surrounding your live performances?
I once took an herbal rice crispy cake that I didn't know was filled with cannabis. I was set to go on stage in a club in ATL and had 30 minutes before I started. By the time I got on stage I was so high and I didn't know why it was terrifying.

What is the one thing that you want readers to know about you?
I want my readers to know I'm doing this for all the people like me who literally started with nothing but a vision and a goal just to prove it's possible and can be done.

You can find out more about Sam via Instagram, Soundcloud or Twitter.