Klara McDonnell


Every Monday we will be bringing you interviews with unsigned UK or Ireland artists for Independent Music Monday. Recently we caught up with Klara McDonnell to find out more...

Where are you from and how did you first get into music?
I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I first sang on stage at a local talent show when I was 12 singing the Bette Midler song, The Rose. I didn’t pick up a guitar and start writing my own songs until I was about 15.

Who were your musical influences when you were growing up and who are your influences now?
I was brought up in a house where all types of great music was played; from Patsy Cline, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Motown to Bob Dylan. I’m not sure who I am influenced by now, I am probably like a sponge, soaking up elements from many artists. My favourite artist in the last few years is definitely LP.

How would you describe your sound?
Alt-pop with at times dark lyrics and a retro feel.


What is your latest single called and what was the influence behind it?
My latest single is called Sinking Unknowing and it’s out everywhere online on the 1st Feb. It was written by myself and recorded/produced at Beardfire Studio in Dublin. It’s kind of about the awkwardness in modern dating.

What’s your local music scene like?
I’m currently living in Carlow but go to Dublin to gig as there are more opportunities to play live.

What do you have planned for the next 12 months? Any albums or festivals?
I plan to release 4 singles this year, with a music video for each. So far I am confirmed to play at the Fireside Sessions Festival in Drogheda in June.


Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with?
David Bowie but there is no chance of that, unfortunately.

Any funny stories surrounding your live performances?
I am quite an awkward person so I’ve had a few moments, either tripping up on stage or jokes I make in between songs really falling flat (depending on the crowd!).

What is the one thing that you want readers to know about?
I would love them to check out my YouTube channel as I try to put a lot of thought into my videos. I directed 3 of my own music videos so far and really enjoy the process of creating a visual piece for my songs.

You can find out more about Klara on her website or via Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter or YouTube.