Eric Walker

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Every Monday we will be bringing you interviews with unsigned UK or Ireland artists for Independent Music Monday. Recently we caught up with unsigned Andover based singer Eric Walker to find out more…

Where are you from and how did you first get into music?
Originally from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire - now living in Andover, Hampshire (been in Andover for 6 months, previously in Southampton for 2 and a half years). I first got into music at University (Winchester). I always wanted to sing but suffered the confidence to do it, I sang at karaoke once and someone invited me to their open mic and the rest is history!

Who were your musical influences when you were growing up and who are your influences now?
My musical influences have been quite diverse, I'm a huge Cranberries fan and also love Tracy Chapman. Growing up I listened to a mix of music and ended up with a blend of influences. Interestingly, the first song I learnt to cover was by Swedish House Mafia, as I am heavily influenced (vocally) by Dance music singers. My writing style is influenced by Luke Bryan, The Cranberries and Vance Joy.

How would you describe your sound?
US inspired contemporary country with a British feel.

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What is your latest release called and what was the influence behind it?
My latest release is College Days, which I actually started writing when I was stuck in traffic commuting up the M3 - the idea is about reminiscing about easier times when I was at University and had less to worry about.

What’s your local music scene like?
The Hampshire music scene is great, with quite a lot of fantastic musicians and places to perform. In Andover, there is a very tight knit community of musicians and it's great.

What do you have planned for the next 12 months? Any albums or festivals?
I have two more singles planned for this year and several gigs across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire still to come! This year I've already played Avebury Rocks Festival and Country On The Coast. Up next is Faeryfields Festival and Winchester Hat Fair!


Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Lily Garland, she's an award winning country musician in Portsmouth and she organised Country On The Coast. I'm also quite into my dance/country music crossover so would love to collaborate with a producer like Sub Focus or Wilkinson one day.

Any funny stories surrounding your live performances?
I think the funniest story was my New Year's Eve gig in Salisbury in 2018 where a group of lads were asking me to play Wonderwall. I started playing the chords to it and started to sing a mash-up of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. I eventually gave them what they wanted but it was fun to troll them a little bit. They really enjoyed it too!

What is the one thing that you want readers to know about you?
I'm a down to earth and friendly guy, I like to also support my fellow up and coming musicians by mentoring them.

You can find out more above Eric via Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter or YouTube.