Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate Chip Day.png

We were so excited to find out it's National Chocolate Chip Day today! They are so versatile and make plain biscuits even more tasty. Here are our favourite chocolate chip Etsy finds :)

Top row (left to right)
Handmade Mini Food Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie Magnet from Sweet The Small Stuff
Chocolate Biscuit Food Monster Design iPhone Galaxy Cell Phone Case from Casehype
Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookie Necklace from Shiny Creations On Etsy

Middle row (left to right)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cufflinks from Mixed Up Dolly
Happy Cute Cookie Plush Cushion from Little Miss Delicious
Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Muffin Earrings from Giraffes Kiss

Bottom row (left to right)
Ice Cream Cone Hair Clip from Suzzlescraft
Mint Choc Chip - White Chocolate Bar from Cocoa Tabby Chocolate
Hand drawn unisex white cotton chocolate chip cookies biscuits socks from Hand Drawn World