French Fries Day

French Fries Day.png

According to Days of the Year, today (13th July) is French Fries Day. We are big big fans of all things potato, and French Fries are one of our favourites. Cheesy chips are the best! With that in mind, we are proud to bring you 9 delicious chip-dipping options from fabulous independent retailers, whether you're a ketchup, chutney or mayonnaise fan. Happy dipping!

Top row (left to right)
Hot Chilli Pepper Table Sauce from Pepper Coast
Lemon Mayonnaise from Stokes Sauces
Red Onion Kickin Hot Chutney from Rob's Homemade

Middle row (left to right)
Spiced Pineapple & Nigella Seed Chutney from The Smokey Carter
Cayenne Chilli Relish from Chilli Relish
Henderson's Relish Traditional Bottle from Henderson's

Bottom row (left to right)
Ballymaloe Country Relish from Ballymaloe Foods
Garlic Mayonnaise from The Condiment Co
Billy's Champion Chilli Jam from Scarlett & Mustard