James White


On Wednesdays on social media, people use the hashtag #WriterWednesday to chat about all things author, book and writing, including authors promoting their own work. As we love to support self-published authors, we thought we’d join in and we will be featuring a UK self-published author every Wednesday on the website. This week, we met James White to find out more...

Please tell us about yourself; when did you first become interested in writing?
My name is James White, and I fell into writing my series of short stories by accident, as I expect a lot of people do. In August 2015 I was driving my fiancé and two children to Dalby Forest in the Vale of York; it’s a beautiful country park with lots of things for all of the family to enjoy. The children were excited as always about the day out and being little silly as Dads sometimes are, I asked them if they thought we would see any Dalby's.

Now, my children rarely believe a word I say as my imagination often spills over into the world of fantasy, but for a brief moment, I got a really surprising response. “What are they Daddy; what do they look like?”

So began our weekend creating stories about The Dalby’s, a family of unique woodland creatures who travel around on an underground train, exploring the forest, and getting up to all sorts of adventures.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story was about The Dalby’s first day at school where they learned about constellations.

What genre/genres do your books fall under?
The books are aimed mainly at 3 to 7 year olds.

What is your latest book called, what is it about and what was the inspiration behind the book?
The latest book is The Dalby’s – Special Christmas Train. The Dalby children take the family steam train to visit Father Christmas, with a little twist in the story to keep parents on their toes at Christmas time.

The Dalbys Special Christmas Train.jpg

Where can people find your books?
The books have been accepted by Waterstones for their website. They are also available on eBay.

What has been the greatest moment in your writing career?
The greatest moment has been the reaction of people who read the stories to their children. The feedback has been lovely. I have also donated copies to local charities and to the local children’s hospice for them to give to the children in their care.

Besides writing, what hobbies or interests do you enjoy in your spare time?
I am an Estate Agent of almost 30 years standing, and have recently opened my own company with a strong individual brand, called Belong, by James White www.wherewebelong.co.uk.
I enjoy playing golf, although I seem to be getting worse and worse. I have a fiancé Helen, son called Daniel and step daughter Lily.

Which novelists do you admire?
I admire anybody who can put pen to paper. Writing has taught me a lot of patience. The art of writing books is new to me and I am sure there are lots of mistakes in mine. I especially enjoy the works of JK Rowling as her imagination, and her ability to put it into writing is extraordinary.

What has been the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?
The best piece of advice has been to write because I want to and because I can, not for any other reason.

Do you have any tips or advice for other indie authors?
I would advise anybody embarking on their first book just to let the ideas flow. Keep a pad with you at all times so that those inspirational moments are not forgotten.

You can find out more about James and his books at his website or via Facebook, Twitter or Waterstones.