Lindsey Powell

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On Wednesdays on social media, people use the hashtag #WriterWednesday to chat about all things author, book and writing, including authors promoting their own work. As we love to support self-published authors, we thought we’d join in and we will be featuring a UK self-published author every Wednesday on the website. This week, we met Lindsey Powell to find out more...

Please tell us about yourself; when did you first become interested in writing?
I live in South West England with my partner and our two children, and I work within my family run business. I first became interested in writing four years ago and was actually reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy when I decided to write my own story.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Apart from writing short stories when I was at school, the first story that I ever wrote was Perfect Stranger which is my first self-published novel.

What genre/genres do your books fall under?
My books come under contemporary romance, and romantic suspense.

What is your latest book called, what is it about and what was the inspiration behind the book?
My latest book is called Perfect Memories, which is actually the second book of the Perfect Series. It released in October 2017 and follows on from book one (Perfect Stranger) which tells the lives of Stacey Paris and Jake Waters. Perfect Stranger was my debut novel which released in May 2017.
Here is a little taster of what Perfect Stranger entails:

Wrong Choices… Bad judgements… Despair…

Stacey Paris is in a relationship with the arrogant Charles Montpellior. Charles is controlling, leaving Stacey no room to breathe. She needs to make some major changes in her life, but it isn’t until a familiar face from her past resurfaces that she is able to seriously re-evaluate the choices that she has made so far. Jake Waters is mysterious, handsome, charming and intriguing. Stacey first met Jake six months ago, when they shared a passionate encounter together. Since then, she has tried to forget about how he made her feel. She is trying to concentrate on her relationship with Charles, but she is fighting a losing battle.

Jake’s reappearance will make Stacey feel emotions that she has never experienced before. Is Jake as perfect as she thinks he is?

Stacey seems to think so.

So, why is it that she ends up fighting for her life?

Only one way to find out….

I was inspired by my love of reading romance.

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Besides your current book, do you have any new projects coming up?
I am in the process of finalising everything for the release of the third book in the Perfect Series which is called Perfect Disaster. I am also working on other projects, with another series being written and a couple of stand alone novels.

Where can people find your books?
My books can be found on Amazon either in ebook or paperback format.

What has been the greatest moment in your writing career?
So many great moments have happened since I released my first novel, but the one that stands out above all of the others is receiving the first paperback copy of Perfect Stranger. I experienced so many emotions when I first saw it. It is such a wonderful feeling to see your work come to life and be available to share with others too. The fact that I was able to experience it all with my friend Vikki, who designed the covers for my books, made it all the more special.

Besides writing, what hobbies or interests do you enjoy in your spare time?
I like to read, spend time with my family and friends and I also like to dance (although I mostly do that whilst in the confines of my house in-between doing housework!)

Which novelists do you admire?
Gosh, there are so many great authors out there, but if I were to whittle it down to a few I think that I would have to pick Cecilia Ahern, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Samantha Young, Bella Forrest and B A Paris.

What has been the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?
Write what you would want to read.

Do you have any tips or advice for other indie authors?
If you have a story within you then go for it. It won't be easy, it won't be plain sailing, but in the end all of the hard work is worth it.

You can find out more about Lindsey and her books at her website or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.